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All proceeds benefit our youth and love-assisting organizations.


Youth Empowerment Fund

Our message has always been our priority. But then money started coming in from general donations and t-shirt sales. We happily gave the money away to various love-assisting organizations in our communities near and far. And then we realized as wonderful as that was, we wanted something more. 

A talk with an old friend lead us to sponsoring a middle school student to attend a week-long summer camp. She had been working so hard in school and had just been placed in foster care. Her former teacher recognized her dedication, and wanted her to know that she believed in her. 

It was the best money we ever spent. 

Showing young people who aren't getting the same opportunities that we want to invest in their futures, nurture their interests and talents, and help them realize their potential and worth is how we love more.


Unicorns & Rainbows

there is a road i frequently travel in town. one thing on it, a confederate flag flying high. my heart sinks into my toes each time i see it. another thing on that road, hand-painted signs, one of which refers to secretary clinton as "the bitch."

meanwhile, my five-year-old painted this today. no one has taught her how to hate. everything is still magic.

i am raising biracial little girls. i will do my damnedest to teach them love and respect. it's the only way. i will probably need your help. i hope, hope, hope you can help.

- erin


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