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Love More sign at rally
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Love More Sticker

Love More is a community-driven effort that works to spread love and bring people together through inclusion, peace, kindness and justice.

We also work to empower youths by showing under-served students that we want to invest in their futures, nurture their interests and talents, and help them realize their potential and worth.  

It started with our simple signs. Then it snowballed into T-shirts, mugs, and our ever-growing sticker collection. The message has been spreading and it’s clear that inclusion, peace, and kindness go a long way. 


All proceeds to  back into our community, spreading love both literally and figuratively. We give underserved students opportunities: that could be a summer enrichment camp or sending them on that class trip to Chicago. Our partners in various schools keep us looped in to needs we can fill, opportunities to empower our youth.

Our most recent partnership is with Franklin Community High School. They have adopted Love More as faculty, staff, and students embrace anti-racism work. We believe that kindness paired with justice IS Love More. There are resources available here for you as well.

Friends of Love More

Kic-It logo


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Providing a network of support & empowerment for youth to break the cycle of homelessness and promote independence.

Habitat for Humanity - Johnson County

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Dedicated to working in partnership with families in Johnson County under the conviction that every person should have a simple, decent, affordable place to live where they feel safe and have dignity.

Immigrant Welcome Center - Indianapolis

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Empowering immigrants by connecting them to the people, places and resources that enable them to build successful lives and enrich our community.

Kic-It logo

St. Thomas Clinic

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We address the healthcare needs of uninsured, low income Johnson County, IN adults.

Indiana Youth Group

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A nonprofit organization for LGBT youth. We provide support, programs & events to build caring communities for LGBTQ youth in Indiana.

Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana

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Our mission is simple and direct: To end hunger by engaging individuals and communities to provide food for people in need. 

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